MCataloguer for Windows

Specialized multi-purpose cataloguing program

A Unicode based, multilingual and multi-level categories supported, multipurpose cataloging program, requires no typing. Music CD cataloging supports album web search. Multi-thread super-fast search engine make your life easier by finding out the records in a few seconds.

Saves file name, size, type and date information. Comment can be added to any file or folder at any time. Online editable. Browses file structure offline in an Explorer-like viewer with a folder view on the left. Clicking on any of the column will sort the files aginst the column field.

Reads ISRC, Catalog Nbr, CD-TEXT directly from disc. Connects to internet music servers for album information including track titles, cover art, lyrics and so on. Supports text search by artist, album or track title. Customized various sort orders can be applied on albums display.

Creates or extracts thumbnails for image or digi-photo raw files, saves in ajustable size from 64x64 to 128x128 pixel. Extracts metadata for audio file in formats: AAC, APE, MP3, MPC, OGG, WMA. Supports either editing metadata manually or filling them using information getting from web and much more.

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